Beavers-Ducks Recap

In an uninspiring performance, the Beavers were clobbered by the Oregon Ducks 82-63 at Matt Court. One of the worst defensive performances all season by the Beavers, they were awful most of the game.

First half:

The Beavers started the game off with a 6-2 lead, they were moving the ball well and seemed they may have gotten on track, then the roof caved in. The Ducks went on a 25-4 run and were embarrassing the Beavers in every phase of the game. They were getting to all the loose balls, playing with more heart and just wanted it more. The Ducks were 4 of 5 from three point range during that run and got every open look they wanted. the Beavers weren’t hustling to put a hand up in their face and seemed like were giving up.

The Beavers were able to cut the lead to as slim as 10, but just as they did that the Ducks would make a run. The Ducks stretched their lead to as large as 18 and ended up taking a 13 point lead into the halftime break. Their lead could have been bigger, they just missed some wide open three point shots. The Ducks made 6 of 13 from deep and only about 3 of the 13 attempts were even contested by the poor Beaver defense. They were playing a lackadaisical zone defense that allowed Oregon to do whatever they wanted to do.

Jay-R Strowbridge just annihilated the Beavers from outside and got to the rim for lay-ups with absolute ease. He had 10 points in the first half, he had two threes and had 2 easy strolls down the lane for lay-ins. Joevan Catron added 9 points and punished the Beaver weak interior defense.

The Ducks shot 44.8% from the field in the first half(13 for 29) and were able to take a 42-29 into the halftime break. The Beavers shot an abysmal 9 for 27 from the field in the first half and appeared lost on offense. Jared Cunningham and Lathen Wallace led the Beavers with 7 points each.
On multiple occasions early in the second half the Beavers were able to cut the Ducks lead to just 8 points on multiple occasions, the last time being at the 12:14 mark in the second half. They never got any closer. They had a chance to get closer but they never were committed to playing defense and the Ducks killed them

Jay-R Strowbridge had a field day in the second half. After the Beavers cut it to 48-40, He hit three, three pointers in consecutive possessions in a 1:47 span that pretty much finished the Beavers. It went from a 48-40 Ducks lead to a 57-43 lead and Oregon State pretty much mailed it in from there. The Beavers narrowed the margin to 57-46, then they allowed Oregon to go on a 26-3 run and take an unbelievable 24 point lead, 73-49. I say it’s unbelievable because the Beavers have the far superior talent and athleticism. They just lack mental toughness and the will to win.

When Oregon took a 48-40 lead and took it to a 73-49 lead, they made 6 three point field goals, all were wide open and OSU were showing an extreme lack of effort.

Oregon went on to cruise to a 82-63 thumping of the Beavers.

Jay-R Strowbridge led the Ducks with a career-high 26 points and hit 6 triples. Beavers couldn’t guard him and lit them up all afternoon long.

Malcolm Armstead came off the bench had 9 points and a career-high 13 assists. He just got into the paint at will to set up his teammates for easy looks. You know your zone is awful when the point guard strolls right down the middle with any resistance to do what he pleases.

Players seem to be getting a career-high against the Beavers on a regular basis. That’s a pretty good indicator of a lack of commitment on the defensive end. It’s been a problem all season for the Beavers.

Joevan Catron and E.J. Singler each also chipped with 13 points.

The Ducks shot 46.3%(25 for 54) from the field, including a blistering 13 of 26 from three point range.

The Beavers shot an ice cold 37%(20 of 54) from the field and just 4 of 21(19%) from three point range. Their shooting was pretty bad from the start of the game and didn’t get a whole lot better the rest of the way.

Lathen Wallace led the Beavers with 17 points. He was the only Beaver who actually scored consistently in both halves and shot well. The Beavers’ starters shot 8 of 25 as a group, that won’t get it done. That group was Omari Johnson, Devon Collier, Angus Brandt, Jared Cunningham and Ahmad Starks. Only Collier shot 50% or better in the game, he only took 3 shots though.

Roberto Nelson only played 15 minutes and was never allowed to get a rhythm offensively. He seems to have the shortest leash on the team when it comes to mistakes. That’s the main reason he hasn’t developed the way he should have. I’ve watched him play all season, and from what I’ve seen he’s the best player on the team. He’s a terrific shooter, creates well for others and can get to the hole, he just needs more playing time. He had just 3 points in his 15 minutes.

Jared Cunningham continues to struggle with his shot. He shot just 2 for 7 from the field and in the second half was invisible. All he had was 2 free throws in the second half and he was just basically standing around, going through the motions. The Beavers need him to be ready to play and to shoot well.

With the loss the Beavers fell to 9-16 overall, 4-10 in the Pac-10. The Ducks improved to 14-12 overall, 7-7 in the Pac-10

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